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Crown Chakra | Natural Grape Garnet and Black Spinel | Ring Size 6 1/2

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Surrender to the spiritual resonance of twilight with this sublime ring, where the regal purple of natural grape garnet merges with the protective aura of black spinel, both ensconced in the glow of polished .925 silver. Crafted with reverence in a size US 6.5, this ring is not only an ode to the artisan's craft but also a beacon of the crown chakra's wisdom, inviting balance and serenity into your life. Let this ring encircle your finger as a guardian of the spirit, a reminder of the universe's vast beauty and the inner strength it bestows.

Metaphysical Properties:
The grape garnet is a beacon of inspiration, nurturing creativity and tranquility, while the black spinel acts as a protective shield, warding off the negative energies that cloud clarity and strength.

Elegantly crafted with ethically sourced natural grape garnet and black spinel.
Intricately set in .925 sterling silver for lasting beauty.
Tailored to a size US 6.5 to gracefully adorn your hand.

Care Instructions:
Gently clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to preserve the ring's radiance.
Shield from harsh chemicals and avoid moisture to prevent tarnishing.
Stow in a separate pouch or box to safeguard from scratches.