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Buckyball | Pendant

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Delve into the molecular heart of existence with this solid silver Buckyball pendant, a lustrous tribute to the 60 carbon atoms that form the foundation of life as we know it. Symbolizing our eternal bond with the cosmos, this pendant mirrors the hollow spherical structure that unites all living beings in an ancient, cosmic lineage. Suspended from a 21” adjustable silver chain, it is a profound emblem of unity and a reminder that we are all intricately connected to the vast universe.

Crafted from solid silver, shaped into a Buckyball molecule.
Represents the carbon atom's fundamental role in life.
Pendant offered with a 21" adjustable silver chain.

Care Instructions:
Polish with a silver cloth to maintain its sheen.
Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and cosmetics.
Store separately in a soft pouch to prevent scratches.