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Sunstone Buddha | Pendant

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Feel the gentle touch of Zen with this exquisite pendant, where the serene visage of Buddha is meticulously cast in silver and crowned with a 14k gold ring, epitomizing a perfect balance of simplicity and splendor. At the heart of this tranquil figure lies a radiant 10mm natural Oregon Sunstone, its warm hues a subtle nod to the golden rays of enlightenment. This piece is not just a statement of style but a talisman of calm, inviting its wearer to carry the quietude of Buddha's wisdom through the chaos of everyday life.

Sunstone is believed to be a gem of abundance and joy, channeling the sun's energy to brighten and clear the aura, fostering personal power and freedom.

Handcrafted in the USA by Ecotone.
Features a natural 10mm Oregon Sunstone.
Cast in high-quality .925 silver.
Suspended with a 14k gold ring.
Comes with a 21" adjustable silver chain and an Ecotone logo tag.

Care Instructions:
Polish silver and gold components gently with a soft cloth.
Protect from chemicals and avoid wearing while swimming or showering.
Store in a dry place to prevent tarnishing.
Metaphysical Properties of Sunstone: