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Manipura | Oregon Sunstone Ring | Size 7

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Adorn your hand with the magic of the Pacific Northwest; this enchanting ring features a 10mm Oregon Sunstone, 3.5 carats, set in a sleek, size 7 (US) band that captures the essence of the sun's final glow. The Sunstone, a gem of radiant light, is believed to carry the energy of the ancient volcanoes from which it hails, offering a warmth and vitality that echoes the spirit's own luminosity. Embrace the joy and abundance this stone is said to attract, as it sits elegantly upon your finger, a constant reminder of nature's untamed beauty.

Features a 10mm Oregon Sunstone (3.5 ct).
Size 7 (US) fits comfortably on the finger.
Crafted to enhance the stone's natural brilliance.

Care Instructions:
Clean with mild soapy water and a soft brush.
Avoid harsh chemicals and temperature extremes.
Store separately to prevent scratches.