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5 Intersecting Tetrahedra | Pendant

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This sterling silver pendant is a marvel of craftsmanship, featuring five interlocking tetrahedra that unite to form a three-dimensional star. Each angle and edge is a testament to the beauty of sacred geometry, inviting contemplation and introspection into the deep connections of the natural world. The pendant dangles gracefully, a whimsical embodiment of mystical concepts, and is completed with an included 21" adjustable chain.

Composed of five interlocking sterling silver tetrahedra.
Symbolizes the interconnectivity of the universe.
Pendant comes with a complementary 21" adjustable chain.

Care Instructions:
To maintain its shine, polish with a silver cleaning cloth.
Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.
Store your pendant in a secure place, ideally in a soft-lined jewelry box.