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Ecotone Jewelers

An Ecotone is a place where two ecological communities meet.  As Jewelers and artists, our community merges with the communities of miners, gem cutters and those that supply us with the tools we use.  Our vision is that this meeting place is harmonious and ethical, and that we treat each interaction as if we are interacting with family.


Our global community suffers immensely when we ignore the moral and ethical implications of our own impact on the world around us.  The gem and jewelry industry has a particular set of problems associated with its origins and working conditions – miners have been exploited and entire natural environments have been decimated by practices like strip mining in search of ore historically.


It is with this understanding that we aim to make a difference.  We take time to ensure all materials used are sourced ethically and with the highest regard for our mother earth.  We aim to only buy and sell items that we can guarantee have not been made with exploitative or overly destructive practices. 


We hope that you enjoy the works we create – we create from the heart with the intention of adorning you with something truly beautiful; something you can rest assured was created with the utmost care for this amazing world we all share.


Molly Courtney & Shane Hark – Ecotone co-founders

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