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Peace of mind | Ring Size 9

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This piece is the second design in an ongoing series featuring turquoise adjacent to large forged seamless hollow sculptures.

The soft curvature of this bright freeform turquoise cabochon is nicely contoured by its accompanying silver crescent box. The polished finish of the box adds contrast to the beauty of the natural stone, which is secured by three sets of hand-cut flat prongs. The setting is partnered with a thick asymmetrical band, creating a beautiful statement piece.

We used Natural unbacked & unstabilized Turquoise and a mix of .925/.999 silver.

For eons, human cultures around the planet have long been aware of and made use of the healing properties of Turquoise. Turquoise has many helpful powers, it can aid in the attainment of spiritual balance and wellbeing, aid in cleansing, healing, protection, temperance, fortitude, prudence and our perception of what is just and honorable. It is also excellent as an emotional or spiritual guidance stone when one uses it in meditation etc.

Turquoise is also colloquially known as a master healer stone, with the ability to repair both physical and mental injury and even go to far as to heal past life traumas. Turquoise healing properties promote communication and can aid in helping a person find it in themselves to solve petty arguments and resolve pointless human hostilities. Turquoise can also help those people who adorn themselves with it to gain increased wisdom, mental balance, a grasp on the love vibration as a state of being, and friendship with others truly perceived as reflections of self.

Handmade in Ashland, Oregon U.S.A.

This ring is a size: 9 (US)

Setting size: 23X20mm (stone 12X19mm)

If you have any questions regarding this ring, please feel free to contact us. Although our pieces cannot be resized, we are always happy to create a custom piece for you at no additional cost (custom orders usually process in about 2 weeks).