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The Purist | Bracelet

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This minimalist bracelet pays homage to the beauty of natural turquoise and the age-old tradition of leatherworking. We hand cut this Turquoise from a large chunk of rough earlier in the year, it is set in a heavy duty mechanical looking bezel with two crimp closures on the back. The crimp closures are opposing ensuring the Turquoise will never come off until the leather eventually needs to be swapped like a watch band (the leather could last 20+ years with proper care).

We source all of our rough Turquoise directly from the Roxy Anne Gem and Mineral Society, of which we are members, here in the Rogue Valley, Oregon; our Turquoise is sourced as natural rough nodules and blocks and is hand cut and lightly back by Ecotone artists in-house. All turquoise is passed through the hands of experts several times over ensuring you receive a fantastic, natural, long lasting piece that is sure to delight for generations. The entire piece has been hand oxidized with natural Earth elements post fabrication and rebuffed to give it a worn-in aesthetic.

Handmade in Ashland, Oregon U.S.A.

Brand: Ecotone Jewelers

Total Weight: 19.86g

Stone: Natural Fox Turquoise, lightly backed. 24.2 Cts

Freeform cut: 21.7mm x 16mm x 8.4mm

For eons, human cultures around the planet have long been aware of and made use of the healing properties of Turquoise. Turquoise has many helpful powers, it can aid in the attainment of spiritual balance and wellbeing, aid in cleansing, healing, protection, and the attainment of personal higher vibrational progress. It is also excellent as an emotional or spiritual guidance stone when one uses it in meditation etc.

Turquoise is also colloquially known as a master healer stone, with the ability to repair both physical and mental injury and even go to far as to heal past life traumas.


If you have any questions regarding this piece, please feel free to contact us.