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To Move Mountains | Cuff Bracelet

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A whimsical mountain landscape is hand-cut from pure silver and textured from behind with Repoussé in such a way the mountains give an impression of a natural three-dimensional landscape. The mountain form in this piece reminds us to always aim for the highest highs whilst being able to gracefully deal with the lowest lows.

The mountain landscape is bordered by a patterned triangular silver band, we have finished the piece by exposing it to natural Earth elements, the Iridescent finish is quite permanent if the piece is not exposed to any extreme chemistry or scrubbed heavily, to clean this piece simply wipe it with an H20 damp, dust-free cloth. The inside of the bracelet is finished with a soft, brushed aesthetic.

Made by Shane Hark of Ecotone Jewelers | Ashland, Oregon, USA

Made for a medium human wrist, can be squeezed closed or opened a bit to accommodate most. 6.5 inches.


If you have any questions regarding this bracelet, please feel free to contact us.